11 Classic Office Supplies Zine

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A while back after a conversation over lunch, Samantha and I landed on an idea to make a little booklet with drawing of classic office supplies, and love letter to the hard-working tools that grace our desks. Admittedly, our shop closure put a halt to our lofty ideas for this, but we still managed to put together this cute little zine featuring 11 drawings, with little descriptions, and two vinyl die-cut stickers. 

Samantha Dion Baker is a widely admired and followed artist on Instagram, where she shares her “sketch journal,” an illustrated daily record of her life, drawn in a fresh, modern style. In Draw Your Day, Baker guides you through her inspirational practice and provides guidance for starting your own. Part instructional guide and part encouraging manifesto about how making art–even art that’s not museum-worthy–can make your life more mindful and meaningful, Draw Your Day is ideal for both seasoned artists looking for fresh inspiration, as well as aspiring artists who need a friendly nudge to get started."




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