An Intro to Our New Website!

An Intro to Our New Website!

Published by Caroline Weaver on Mar 22nd 2021

Welcome to our new website! We've been working hard to re-group and reset while we've been offline, and have lots to share with you!

Here are some things about our new site that we're excited about:

Product filtering: you can now filter products by certain specifications to help you find what you're looking for faster! Our old website didn't have the functionality to filter things beyond product categories, so we hope you'll find this useful!

Related products: at the bottom of each product page we've assigned related products, to help you find things like refills or similar items more easily!

A whole bunch of new products: You've probably noticed that with our re-brand we're selling all sorts of new office supplies. We've chosen most of these items because we love them, and use them personally. Be sure to read the product descriptions! Some of them have really interesting stories and brand histories. Our goal is to bring you the best versions of the office supplies you know and love, and to introduce you to some of our favorite discoveries. We've done our best to source the products that we're selling mindfully, and have some new guidelines about what we do and don't sell, which we'll share more about soon!

We still have lots of products to upload, a lot of information to input and more to tweak, which we'll work on steadily over the next couple of months. For updates, sign up for our newsletter and we'll let you know what's new!

A few things to look forward to:

Blog content: Over the next few months we'll be revising and migrating some of our old blog posts, and are also working on new ones that are a little more timeless, and a little more useful. Eventually, this will be a really organized place to find all of the stories, guides and references we make.

Services: YES, custom pencils WILL be back in April. We're also going to be adding a few more services, like custom sampler sets based on your specific needs. 

Sampler sets: Since we're no longer selling pencils individually online, we're going to be beefing up our sampler set selection. Restock on all of our existing sets will happen in April, and we'll continue to add themed sets from there. Let us know if there's a set you'd like us to consider making!

Logistically, a few things have changed, too:

If you had an account set up on our old website, you will have to set up a new one here. We're on a whole new ecom system!

Please allow up to 5 business days for orders to ship. In the past, we've been lightening fast at getting online orders out, but especially in the early days of re-launching our online store, we need a little time to get it right and get used to our new operating system (we're on a whole new web/shipping platform!).

We are not currently shipping internationally, but will be in a couple of weeks! We just want to make sure we have the kinks worked out first so we can ship international orders efficiently and correctly. International shipping has been a complicated game since the beginning of the pandemic, and we want to make sure we aren't causing a headache for ourselves, or for you. We will be shipping with DHL, and have made sure that correct customs information is entered in our system for all of the products we sell. That said, it is your responsibility to cover the costs of customs fees and taxes, which vary depending on the receiving country.

We have a new policy about packages that are returned to us. If your address autofills incorrectly, or is entered incorrectly, please try to catch it before your order ships. We are now charging the cost of shipping, plus a $5 re-shipping fee for all orders that are returned to us and re-shipped.

We can no longer adjust your order once it has been submitted. This complicates things on our end and slows us down. Please make sure that your cart is correct before checking out!

We get it. These are a lot of new rules, but real talk: we've thought long and hard about the things in our business that are costing us money and slowing us down. The truth is, we sell mostly inexpensive things with low margins, so we can't afford to cover things like free returns, or free shipping like some businesses can. 

To say that the past year has been hard for us would be an understatement, but we're excited for this next chapter. A lot has changed about how we work since before the pandemic, and we're dedicated to making a better work environment for ourselves, a better experience for our customers and a bigger impact in our community. Thank you for coming along for the ride <3

Please refer to our Google Maps page for current store hours, as they are changing often.