Shop Closing FAQ

Sep 13th 2021

Since we made our announcement about the shop closing, we've been overwhelmed with questions, and rightfully so! There's a lot to talk through. Here's the lowdown on what's going on here:

When are you closing?

Probably sometime in November, though we're not sure exactly how this is going to go. 

Will you be keeping your online store?

Nope! Running an online store is really hard, and is not something we're interested in doing exclusively. Instead, we'd like to encourage you to check out your own local stationery shops to see what they have before shopping online. We'll be compiling a list of our favorite stationery shops to share before we close. 

Will you be open when I'm in town (insert future date here)?

We can't make any promises! We'll be open through September, but will be reducing our hours. We've been selling through inventory quickly, and it's not easy to restock right now (supply chain shortages! pandemic!) so it just depends on how long we have stuff to sell you. We will keep our hours online and on our Google and Yelp pages updated. 

Will you be restocking ________ ?

It depends. We'll be restocking anything we already have on order, or anything that's easy for us to get. Our industry has been impacted by the global supply chain shortages happening everywhere right now. We're removing product listings from the website as things sell out that we know for sure won't be restocked. 

I have a gift card. What should I do with it? 

We are unable to refund gift cards, so we'd encourage you to spend it with us while you can. 

How long do I have to order custom pencils?

We'll be cutting off custom pencil orders at the end of September and will get them all fulfilled and shipped by the end of October. 

When will the Pencil Advent Calendar be available? 

We'll have a pre-order listing posted in October, for shipment the first week of November. We're making double the quantity that we did last year, but keep in mind that these sell out REALLY fast (literally in TWO minutes last year).

Will there be any new products before you close? 

Yes!! We still have a couple of fun things planned for October. 

Can I buy your unsold inventory for my shop?

This isn't something we're interested in right now. We've worked really hard to source the things that we sell and would prefer to sell everything ourselves. If we do end up selling off unsold inventory, we will prioritize shops local to us. 

What about shop fixtures/equipment:

This isn't something we're really thinking about yet but one thing we know for sure is: we will not, under any circumstances, we shipping any of our shop stuff. We'll do a sale locally when the time comes but we don't know when that will be yet. 

To stay up-to-date on all of this, please follow us on Instagram or keep an eye out for our email newsletter. We're a little bit overwhelmed with correspondence and things to do right now, so please be patient with us <3 Thank you all for your support over the years, and especially now. 

Visit our shop in New York City! 15 Orchard Street, open Tuesday - Sunday, 11am-7pm