What's the deal with all the glues?

What's the deal with all the glues?

May 10th 2021

This shop has historically specialized in pencils, but my second stationery love has always been glues. Do I have a reason to use glue every day? Absolutely not. But there are few activities at my desk that I find more satisfying than getting to use the exact right glue for a project. Since we expanded to other office supply categories, we've added a well-edited selection of sticky favorites. Here's the the lowdown on each glue category:

Glue sticks: Arguably the MOST important glue category! To me, there is no such thing as a bad glue stick, but my favorite one is the Coccoina Glue Stick because it's beautiful, totally non-toxic (it's made from potato starch!) and smells like almonds!! It's a total treat to have at your desk because in addition to actually using it, you can use it as decor or aromatherapy. Whether your glue stick is a fancy Italian one, or a standard dollar store one, just always be sure to seal the cap all the way! There are few things sadder than uncapping a glue stick, only to realize it's shriveled into a solid chunk of paste. 

Starch glue: Yamato Nori Paste has been arguably the most recognizable Japanese glue since its introduction in 1899. It's made from rice starch, so it's acid-free and non-toxic and is perfect for any type of paper craft. We recommend it for collages and also for repairing books. Because it's so safe and easy to clean up, this is an awesome for kids!

Vinyl Glues: Depending on where you live, you probably know this type of glue as Elmer's Glue or PVA Glue. It's highly effective for gluing porous materials and is common for use with paper crafts. Typically, these types of vinyl glues are white but there are many clear varieties including Yamato Arabic Glue

Rubber Cement: A solvent-based elastic polymer glue, rubber cement can be used as a contact adhesive and is great for use with paper things when moisture and wrinkling is a concern. This is a fume-y glue and must be used carefully!

Specialty glues: 

Of course, there is an endless number of glues made for very specific things (super glue! wood glue! resin-based glue! wallpaper paste!). We specialize in office and craft glues, so we don't sell a lot of highly specialized adhesives. Two that we do stock and love are Mod Podge, which is the original decoupage paste, and Yes! Paste, which is a really special low-moisture archival paste that is awesome for delicate paper and book binding. 

Need a glue recommendation for a project? Ask us! 

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