Beginner's Guide to Pencils - Best Basics

Written By Caitlin Elgin - April 22 2016


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Byron Leonard
May 05 2019

This website seems designed for the under 30 crowd with perfect vision. For most normal people, it’s a nightmare to try to read. It’s good that you use a serif font, but why choose gray?

Nathan Keith
October 09 2018

You should totally sell Blackwing 602 singles. I bet there’s a lot of people out there who want a Blackwing but are intimidated by the price of a whole box, and since Blackwings are a gateway pencil people will probably buy more after buying just one. I honestly don’t know why doesn’t do this either.

January 29 2018

The font is a little hard to read. Would be better if you switch the font. Thanks!

Steven H Goodroad
November 21 2017

Great information about my recently acquired hobby. Thank you.

Ivy Reisner
April 19 2017

This is such helpful information. Thank you for posting it. I knew a little about pencils from drawing, the difference between the grades and so on, but I never thought there was that much difference between one 2B and another 2B. You have taught me a great deal. I also never knew a 10B even existed and can’t wait to try one.

If I may, in the section of Blackwings, you mention “it’s unusual look”. You want “its unusual look”. “It’s” means “it is” and “its” means “belonging to it”. Like “his” and “hers” the possessive of “it” takes no apostrophe. And yes, I’ve spent that long reading and rereading this information to notice that.

Again, thank you very much for all this helpful pencil information.

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