Beginner's Guide to Pencils - Pencil Grades

Written By Caitlin Elgin - June 24 2016


Ted Crum
February 18 2018

Very useful and entertaining!
A #4 pencil is pretty hard, I’d have put it with the 2H, and #3 with H. That leaves room for 2-1/2 with F.
Also worth mentioning is the relation between degree and lead diameter. Softer pencils have larger leads. They need the size for strength, but also, soft leads can be used to allow a wider line with the same pressure.

November 02 2017

it was very useful! thank you!

October 28 2017

Great guide and graphs. Thanks!

Ron Morley
August 25 2017

where can I buy a 4b, 5b, or 6b pencil ?
the charts were a great help.
Iuse the pencil for drawing on wood- I am a woodcarver.

Sharon Johns
June 29 2017

Thank you from a previously frustrated pencil user!

June 07 2017

Thank you for the enlightening post, complete with the history of the little magic wands!

May 05 2017

Great post to finally understand the two packs I bough spontaneously. Thanks!

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