One Year Older

Written By Caroline Weaver - March 16 2017


September 20 2020

Препараты качественные,купили на сайте
Доставили из Москвы за 3 дня

отзывы пациентов софосбувир даклатасвир

September 13 2020

Custom Party Shop Boy’s Football Onepiece – Grey and Brown / 6 Months

Baby Girls Boys Infant Winter Anti Slip Warm Cotton Floor Socks Crib Shoes

September 11 2020

Munchkin Drying Rack and Bristle Bottle Brush Cleaning Set, Blue

Sweet Kids Baby Girls Off-White Vintage Lace Overlay Flower Girl Dress 6-24M

Juliana muMB
August 21 2020

советы на все случаи в жизни:

виды бизнеса для женщин
фитнес для похудения
идеи макияжа с яркими тенями
профессиональный уход за волосами марки
бодибилдинг фитнес женский

August 19 2020

Отдых на черном азовском море

August 19 2020

Оочень хороший препарат, побочек вообще небыло

дазатиниб натив купить

Valentina muMB
August 18 2020

советы на каждый день:

здоровье женщины
лайфхаки для ухода за лицом для женщин
компании косметики и парфюмерии
как стать красивее и привлекательнее девушке
лучший уход для пористых волос

Larry Myers-McElwee
April 01 2017

N.E. Patriots pencil-users aside, I join my voice to the chorus of those wishing you a long and fruitful dream-like life. Work this joyful, inspirational, and delightful beyond measure, is a rare commodity and even rarer pleasure to behold.
Can’t wait to dive into your singular and important new book!
AND, make my first – but not last – order!

March 24 2017

I will see you when I am in New York in May! My granddaughter is already asking for more of your pencils.
Happy Anniversary! (a little late)

Rick M Singel
March 21 2017

Caroline, I am a micobe-sized customer of yours, but I adore your concept! I am a pencil nerd from WAY back and I write best with one. Oh yeah, I have ballpoints and fountain pens, but nothing feels like a pencil. I am a dentist and I write my charts in pencil. Shhh, tell no one. My Board in Ohio will put me in shackles!

I thank you for the insight and the courage to open and run your store. An incredible, heart-warming story.

Entrepreneurs are my most favorite people!!

March 19 2017

Congratulations! I am so happy for y’all. You’re on my blog because I am crazy for good pencils. I tell anyone who’ll listen to give pencil a chance.

Be well.

Chris Edmonson
March 19 2017

I received my first order of special edition gold Blackwing pencils yesterday. They arrived wrapped so beautifully, and with a personal note! I first used Blackwing pencils working in a museum library that had leather-topped tables, and required use of #2 pencils. Such a joy to use. Now, 40 years later, a museum co-worker sent me your website and I love, love your shop/website. Any chance you might carry those European note books with not lines, but small grid pages? My last one, bought in Berlin and made in France, is “Clairefontaine.” Happpy anniversary!

Brad from Brisbane
March 18 2017

So very pleased to see a dream for you come true and get better and better. An inspiration for many. Been to your “shop” (really much more than that) several times on trips to NYC and it’s one of the truly unique retail experiences in the world – truly. I’ve purchased more pencils and gear online than I’ll ever need but who cares !! It makes me and I’m sure so many others around the world happy.

Don’t stop … go hard.

Eugene from Australia
March 17 2017

My wife of fifty years has just started her new project of studying French and has often spoken of how she loves to use pencils in her work. I got on line, found your lovely pencil site and ordered my first selection which arrived on your anniversary day: gift wrapped and with a cheery note from Caroline. Long may this gracious service and perfect product last and thank you for the gleam I spotted in my wife’s eyes when she opened the surprise packet! Eugene

Paul Miller
March 17 2017

I, too, love what you do to promote pencil awareness. It was not too long ago that I thought a pencil was a pencil. Now, when I order pencils from you, I have a chart on which I rate the pencils on how I like them. I even printed your picture that had the different types of pencils (ranging from 4H to 6B) and intend to hang it in a frame on my wall.
Happy Anniversary!

March 17 2017

You make New York…strike that…the world, a better place. Love those pencils…wish you also sold fountain pen ink.

March 17 2017

I just wanted to say ever since I discovered you in my Real Simple magazine, I have become hooked! My house is getting over-run by pencils and I love it. I love supporting small businesses and thank you so much for showing me that even people that just write, can have really cool pencils and swag!

harvey kanter
March 17 2017

While I enjoy the warm spirit in which you serve up your pencils et al, I want you to know that a middle school girl with a learning disability (dyslexia) gets part of what I order and is delighted with same. i THINK THAT YOUR PENCILS BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN HER RIGHT AND LEFT BRAINS. tHANKS FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO.

Rosalie Kicks
March 17 2017

I love your shop so much. Happy Anniversary old sport!

wrangler steve
March 17 2017

Nothing makes life finer than the personal touch of the Pencil Ladies and the precious products they send our way…Viva the Ladies and their lovely work!

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