2018 Stationery Resolutions

Written By Antonia Liu - January 10 2018


Danika Jacobs
April 01 2018

Lara Connock, excuse my typing error!

Danika Jacobs
April 01 2018

Hi everyone!

I just found this page looking for Blackwing Slate Notebooks in South Africa. To my disappointment, I now realise they are not available here, as André Van Wyk had said previously on Facebook. Shipping is extreme…and since I am a student still, it’s even more impossible, haha. If ANYONE has Blackwing Slate Notebooks they want to get rid of – I will buy! I am desperate. I’ve been searching for a notebook with thicker pages for ages. I have a Moleskine, but the pages are too thin and see-through and the ink bleeds through quite easily. It was then that I found the Blackwing Slate. I see Lara Connick commented that she had some but would have loved to give them to André. Which is so thoughtful! If you have any more to spare, Lara, I would be in your debt for ever!

Lara Connock
January 21 2018

Hello to all at CWPE,
This may be an odd request/comment but I’m going to go with it anyway.
Andre van Wyk, who lives in South Africa, posted (above) that he would love to own a Blackwing but they’re not available in SA and shipping is ruinously expensive.
I live in South Africa (Johannesburg) and I have a couple of Blackwing 602s that I’d gladly give to him, along with some Palomino Golden Bears (No. 2) and Palomino ForestChoice(s) (No. 2). I ordered them myself from the US a few years ago but I don’t like them because they’re all too soft for me. Don’t judge me!) I press very hard so I really only use H and F pencils. Unfortunately we have a very limited selection available here (only Faber Castell and Staedtler, although Derwent pencils are also available but one has to pay a king’s ransom for just one).
Anyway, I tried to find Andre on Facebook but his name is a very common one in South Africa (no offence to him), so not knowing him personally, it’s unlikely that I’ll find the right Andre.
Would it be possible for you to contact him and pass my message on to him? He can email me if he wants the pencils, and I’ll arrange to get them to him. No charge to him – I just want to give them to someone who will enjoy them.
I’ll also go onto your Facebook page to see if I can find him there.
I’d love to visit your shop one day (I’ve never been to the US) but it will have to wait until I win the lottery or if someone rich leaves their fortune to him/her in his/her will!
Thanks so much.
Graphite regards,

Kabir Abubakar
January 11 2018

I watched your products/services on CNN business yesterday and I was fascinated. A good one, more grease to your elbow

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