A Beginner's Guide to Pencil Shopping

Written By Caitlin Elgin - March 03 2016


Cynthia Kirkpatrick
November 27 2018

I’m brand new to your site today and to a great FB group. Beautiful website, btw. I want to buy a few pencils for use with my daily planner and extension of my brain. I’m very analog-functioning and I write constantly. I just rediscovered the specialness of pencil writing. I’m looking specifically for a super fine tip pencil with as little smudging as possible. I’ll want to carry 3 at all times and I will need just the perfect sharpener and eraser to carry, also. Can you tell me what you have for me? I’m right-handed, if that matters. Thanks so much! I’m excited to hear back from you. Cynthia

Ruth Buchanan
August 07 2018

Just a codacil. I was taught that the European grading system was developed by Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth company (Czech Republic). HB originally stood for (Joseph) Hardtmuth and (business partner) Budejovice, with F for Franz Hardtmuth, the latter credited with developing the grading system into gradations of H changed to Hard and B changed to Bold, but retaining the F for Franz. Makes more sense than F for Fine as all the Hs created a finer line than F.

jerry victor
March 30 2018

I want to kniw what kind of pencil is this but i cand pictures…i want to know the exact info about this item…all i can see in picture is th word “High Grade”

June 29 2017

Hi Caroline, I recently found your website and I love it! Your articles are so helpful as I indulge in this newfound interest. As a left-handed writer I am particular about my writing utensils. didn’t realize how much I liked writing in pencil until I began to explore your website. It’s everything I ever needed. I’m so excited to receive my first order.

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