A Moment in Pencil History: Indelible Pencils

Written By Caroline Weaver - April 03 2017


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September 12 2020

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July 02 2020

very interesting. In USSR copying pencils was called also “chemical” and still in production on krasin pencil factory. They are not was so popular as copying, but as replace of fountain pen.

Nicholas DYKEMA
April 03 2020

I’m 87 years old, so of course I remember indelible pencils (after all my e-m address is AOL, so I have to have one foot in the grave), but was “indelible pencil” their only name? This came up because by chance this evening I noticed a blue spot on my thigh where, some 80 odd years ago I jabbed myself pretty deeply with such a pencil. I believe the tip stayed stuck in for a while — in any event a blue mark has remained all these years. But it sticks in my mind that those pencils had another name in addition to the generic, “indelible”. Or is this just the maundering of the elderly? If you know of such, and feel so disposed, please reply to my e-m address — I can never figure out these other modalities.

Jennifer Van Niekerk
November 06 2018

Well composed, for a brain dented one.
Thanks for the compilation on Pencil History. I have found the H Urania-copying Made in Germany Blue, the Service Red Venus Pencil co. Limited, made in England 2381. The green Sonar Fberhard Fabre 779 COP.ER, the 3857 Bell PencilCo. Made in Germany HB. I am so pleased I took note of the book much of pencils, before giving them away.

April 04 2017

So my parents were right to tell me to stop putting indelible pencil points in my mouth to make “paint,” because they were poison. As if I obeyed. My left palm gave me away; that’s where I mixed spit and pencil. One end of my favorite such poison pencil was blue and the other was red. LOL. No wonder I’m slightly brain dented.

Lovely post.

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