A Moment in Pencil History: Richard Best's Try-Rex

Written By Caroline Weaver - February 04 2017


Caitlin - Deputy Pencil Lady
August 09 2017

Hi Kim! Futura are SO CUTE! There’s not a ton of information out there about Richard Best, but if you have specific questions in mind, I’d be happy to dig up what I can find. Here’s a good resource for just a look at the pencils they used to make: http://www.brandnamepencils.com/brands/richardbest/index.shtml

Kim Castle
August 04 2017

I’m glad I found you. I have a couple old Richard Best pencils, but they’re hexagonal. My very favorite vintage pencil is my pink Futura, which has pink enamel in the ferule. Wish I had more than one. I’d love to know more about the ages of my many vintage pencils. Do you know a resource I can look up? thanks for any help!

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