About Mechanical Pencils

Written By Caroline Weaver - July 17 2018


Peru Wangdu
October 03 2018

You can view videos of channel: Clutch Situation on YouTube. You’ll get a lot of information on mechanical pencils.

Vivianne Peckham
July 31 2018

As a leftie, I like mechanical pencils that give a crisp line and don’t smudge, of course.

As a former 6th grade middle school teacher, mechanical pencils were the bane of my existence! They make middle schoolers feel grown up, but they’re too much fun to fiddle with! The leads invariably break in the middle of class — and then they need to be refilled (which involves scrambling into the deep recesses of a book bag and/or bumming one from a friend, involving at least a couple of other friends in the process…). Maybe there’s a super-duper no-fail mechanical pencil around somewhere that teachers would approve of? Or maybe the problem really resides in the leads? Just wondering… :)

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