Alyx's Guide to Editing Pencils

Written By Alyx Cullen - August 02 2017


Peter Lance
May 18 2019

Alyx, this is a great site. I had my first job in journalism as a cub reporter for The Daily News, my hometown paper in Newport, RI. In 1967 and 68, when I worked there, on the copy desk they used a kind of red editing “pencil” that had, as I recall, the substance of a thin crayon. It was thicker than a conventional No. 2 lead pencil and the “crayon” (i.e. editing element) was wrapped in a series of thin balsa wood-like layers that peeled away as the pencil got smaller. I’ve been trying to identify the name of that remarkable editing tool and maybe find some. I’m now at work on a book/memoir from that period more than half a century ago, so this may be a tough ask.

If you have any idea what I’m talking about can you email me back at Many thanks.

Scott Bennett
April 21 2019

Do you know anyone who carries and personalizes / imprints blue edit pencils? My pal Mr. Google is not helpful in this case. Thanks in advance.

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