Behind the Scenes at General Pencil Company

Written By Caitlin Elgin - September 21 2017


Eric Docherty
September 30 2017

I love yr store open up soon
I wanna get general calenders#2
Thank you

Billy Shore
September 30 2017

Caitlin, great piece. Keep writing and keep taking us places. Can’t wait for the new store to open. Billy

September 30 2017

Wonderful article, very interesting. Thanks so much.

Viva Mary Ann!

September 21 2017

Goodness. I was all excited to see behind the scenes until I was arrested by the build-up. Do they ever clean? ;)

The General makes the best carpenter pencils ever. We’ve had an ongoing love affair for decades, the General and I. But he never told me the interesting story about graphite!

I do love a good pencil. I love learning too.


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