Best Pencils for Musicians

Written By Caitlin Elgin - February 10 2017


May 29 2017

Bravo! This info was exactly what I was looking for!

May 14 2017

THANK YOU for thinking of us and creating this post! Though I’ve spent a fair amount of time geeking out in your online shop, I actually visited the blog today with the express hope of finding tips for musicians, composers, and/or music librarians. Jackpot. Y’all are the best!

March 09 2017

As both a pencil aficionado and career musician, I really enjoyed this post. The Blackwing 602 (notation) and Uni Penmanship 4b (lead sheets) have been my go-to pencils for several years and I actually stumbled upon and subsequently this post while looking for some CDT HB’s. I subsequently purchased and have received some CDT pencils as well as some Edelweiss 3b’s. I’m thrilled to have discovered CW Pencils and look forward to visiting the shop soon.

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