Big Changes Ahead

Written By Caroline Weaver - October 14 2020


Melanie O'Brien
December 22 2020

Truly some of my fondest memories of growing up and working in NYC are of stopping into local stationery shops on my way to the Ferry or the subway. It was a small heartbreak each time one of them closed. It was a lonely feeling too, feeling like no one else could see the value in them. It does my heart good seeing the care you put into this shop, and it will do your community good, knowing they have someone who cares about them. A neighborhood stationery shop is a beautiful thing.

December 14 2020

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December 08 2020

Ooo, change is difficult but also exciting. Real world is always with us I guess…love your shop and love to shop with you. Will continue of course. Good luck to you… I see I have a lot of company on here…yeah. ✏️

December 07 2020


December 07 2020


November 10 2020


November 10 2020


November 05 2020


November 05 2020


Jonathan Horn
November 01 2020

I’m bummed! Nobody curated pencils like you did and nobody educated me more on the subject.

That said, I’m looking forward to see what CW 2.0 offers. I’m sure you’re eye for unique, interesting and worhwhile products will continue to serve you (and us) well.

November 01 2020

I totally understand the changes and look forward to CW 2.0. I hope you will continue to sell a range of individual pencils so I am able to restock when DC residents will be permitted to visit NYC. Thank you again and good luck with the relaunch!

October 31 2020

Growth + passion—you’re bound to succeed!
Though I’ll miss your offerings of the past years, I am admiring of and excited for you and your expanson. You and your team are uniquely talented as well as wonderful to your customers. Can’t wait!

October 31 2020

You have the full support of this household. I love CW Pencil, and I will stand by your change going forward. You are 110% right that the experience of the store was a big part of what made it special and I know that welcoming and fun vibe will not change. We are looking forward to seeing the next iteration and the new items. Knowing how much time and energy went into choosing and providing quality products before, I am certain whatever direction CW Pencil (CW 2.0) takes, you will not let us down in your new endeavor. Best of luck! We can’t wait for the grand unveiling!

Stay safe, stay busy, and wash your hands!


October 31 2020

I am so glad I discovered you before the change and I’m also thrilled for your intuition and passion for making things work out. Though I have loved your original concept and learned from it, I’ll admit that there are times when I wished for more well-curated officer products and not just the fabulous pencils. I applaud you for taking your community in mind – both your local community and those of us visiting you from afar.

Joseph Thanhauser
October 31 2020

Sounds like an excellent plan. Today pencils, tomorrow the world!

October 27 2020


October 27 2020


October 23 2020

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October 22 2020


October 22 2020


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