Confessions of a Pencil Lady: I love the US Postal Service

Written By Caroline Weaver - August 31 2017


Aaron Aiken
September 08 2017

Sending mail is magic. Plain and simple. Just this morning I put a letter in my mailbox to go out to California. It costs me $.49 and it will travel across the entire country and be delivered to the recipient’s mailbox in a few days…magical! Also – agreed on the world of stamps. You were the first to introduce me to how amazing that portion of an envelope can be…now I’m obsessed :-) Thanks as always – Aaron

Larry Myers-McElwee
August 31 2017


As always, your thoughts on any number of topics are shared with grace and humor – and are just plain delightful!
i will make an effort to read any post you compose. They are collectible; just like your (and my) adoration of stamps old and new.
Your past philatelist,
Larry M-Mc

August 31 2017

I enjoyed your article. Postal ephemera old and new is interesting as well. But I am curious as to what was the end result of lost 60 pieces? That is a big one to forgive! When it comes to the post there is only choice.

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