Confessions of a Pencil Lady: Opening a new shop is hard

Written By Caroline Weaver - September 28 2017


Scott Silverman
October 05 2017

Hang in there. Things happen for a reason. Sending positive thoughts and prayers… Best, Scott

October 04 2017

Sending good juju. And once I know your doors are open, a gift will be waiting on your doorstep to celebrate so you’ll have something to look forward to. Maybe it will be me… surely I have enough frequent flyer miles by now!

Jim Berridge
October 03 2017

Your store was the light shining bright in the sea of shops down on the LES and a visit was always a treat. Where else could you pick up a fine and unique instrument of personal expression for a couple of $$? Looking forward to the light shining bright again in a few weeks!!!!

October 03 2017

Keep taking those deep breathes and stay calm. It will get done when it gets done and all your stressing won’t make it happen any sooner. You can do this girl, just relax and enjoy the ride. Love you, Can’t wait to see pictures and look it up on google. What is your address? XOXOXOXOXO

Linda McConnell
October 03 2017

I say to you what Anne Lamott’s father said to her brother as he started a Birds of North Anerica project the night before it was due: Bird by bird, buddy. Bird by bird.

October 03 2017

Hoping all goes well! I’ll be in NYC after 42 years this month, from the 20-25, and would love to visit your shop.

October 01 2017

Wishing you less stress and anxiety and more joy in the process. You and your store rock, and we all support you no matter how the process goes. Take care of yourself first.

Mary Collis
September 30 2017

Learn to wish that everything should come to pass exactly as it does." -Epictetus Easy to say and type, hard to do. Best wishes for smooth(ish) sailing from here on out, and I look forward to visiting what I’ve admired from afar.

Allison Borden
September 30 2017

I will be in NYC in the spring. I am really looking forward to visiting you at the new location. Best wishes for a successful opening (and lower stress levels).

September 29 2017

I stumbled across your shop (website) this summer- when it was already closed and you were in the process of moving! I’m a lover of all things analog, especially the feel of a beautifully new sharpened pencil on the crisp pages of a new notebook. I’ve been following your progress and updates in anticipation of the new opening! I’m so excited to visit you when opening day comes- but until then, relax and enjoy the process! Such an exciting time for you- and I wish you all the best! Can’t wait to visit the new digs soon! Thanks again for doing all you do!

anastasia raizi
September 29 2017

it will all be done nice and smoothly, dont worry about the opening date this will come, inevitably!!! enjoy the process and all the fun
i wish one day to come and visit you!!!

Johnny M Woo
September 29 2017

Coming to NYC on the way to London in Mid to Late Oct. Your store in on my list and promised my friends’ kids to take them to the new shop. Congrats on the new location.

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