Confessions of a Pencil Lady: Brainwashed by marketing

Written By Caroline Weaver - January 28 2018


February 11 2018

I, too, moved from the Iphone to a Pixel 2XL a month ago. I added Project FI to the package because I travel outside the country so often. I love the fact that the phone does not come loaded with stuff I don’t want and that I can customize it to suit my needs. All good so far. And, I love your shop. I am looking forward to stopping in to you new place when I am next in NYC.

February 05 2018

I just discovered your online store, today, and simply wanted to say thank you for making such a beautiful thing exist. No, really.

Inrecently rediscovered the simple beauty of pencils with a quick one-two punch: my husband sent me a link to a NYT feature about General Pencil company, and my niece sent me an adult coloring book with a set of colored pencils all in the same month.

Sharpening and holding the colored pencils, thinking of my sweet niece who apparently loves her uncle, reconnecting with a slightly younger and more observant me… I suddenly realized I needed more of whatever this was!

“No more mechanical pencils for me,” I thought. I was soon discouraged by the grim offerings at local office supply stores, and began worrying I’d been a bit hasty. I’m so happy that a DuckDuckGo search landed me at your website.

As a composer, musician, and writer, I especially enjoyed your post about recommended pencils for musicians and plan to sample all of those soon. I think it’s tremendous that you took the time and effort to consider the needs of a very specific group of customers.

Best of luck to you and your wonderful store!

Jul-Mar Majuru
February 01 2018

I gave into supporting the Instagram / Esty Artisan Entrepreneurs this holiday season and was disappointed with the quality of the products, packaging and lack of customer support. I returned what I could for a refund. Comment with review where possible. Then I returned to the ‘classic’ brands who understand their consumers. I purchased my 2018 Datebook which arrived in the iconic Robin Egg Blue box tied with a White Satin Ribbon. I am well pleased.

January 31 2018

The saying “presentation is everything” is true – it works! For example, the wrapping and packaging of your pencils really enhances the products, and although I could buy pencils locally, I love the experience of opening a package from your shop. So, don’t beat yourself up about falling for pretty things; I am definitely not a millennial and yet am definitely susceptible!

January 29 2018

I’m dying to know what the beauty/skincare brand is because I am 99% sure I know which brand you’re talking about, but I can’t be sure just from the clues in your article.

Rob Holland
January 29 2018

This makes me think about articles I’ve read about how restaurants design their menus to make you spend more. For example:

You might also be interested a book called “All Marketers Are Liars” by Seth Grodin. Interesting read on how marketers try and sell things to us.

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