Confessions of a Pencil Lady: Reflections on 2017, for better or for worse

Written By Caroline Weaver - December 29 2017


Tim Walker
December 29 2017

While I’m quite a bit older than you and in an entirely different kind of business, I was about your age when I started my business and the years since have been filled with such reflective moments. 25 years later I still tend to do exactly what you’re doing right now… spend the last few days of the year reflecting on the previous year.

While I’ve not been to your store (I hope to someday), I have followed your enterprise online and I admire what you’re doing. Hang in there and continue doing what you love because 25 years can go by much faster than you might think, and if you’ve enjoyed your work you’ve accomplished something few are lucky to experience. I know I feel lucky.

Also, I will be ordering from your site from time to time. It’s impossible to resist the lure of the pencil… magical handheld computer, image maker, mistake maker and mistake corrector, object of beauty and utility like no other.

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