Confessions of a Pencil Lady: Being a less wasteful person (and business).

Written By Caroline Weaver - August 30 2018


August 31 2018

been on this since 1969………..sad it has taken so long, yet glad folk are catching on……think about it.

Tracy Bachman
August 31 2018

We reuse all the envelopes, string, boxes and paper. Thanks for everything you all do. :)

August 31 2018

I feel your disposable food container pain. I’ve been trying to remember to take a clean tupperware-type container with me when I know I’m going to purchase some Whole Foods prepared food. They will use my container instead of one of their disposable ones. Occasionally someone behind the counter will say they can’t do that because they don’t know how much the container weighs so they can take off the weight/price, but I remind them they just zero it out. Or say don’t care if my price includes the weight of the container. I’ll bet other places will do this, too.

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