Confessions of a Pencil Lady: Fear of Failure

Written By Caroline Weaver - June 28 2017


July 08 2017

I’m crushed to learn of this closing since your shop is one of our family’s favorites. We like to all travel down to look at, try, and buy pencils. We even included your shop as one of our highlights when we had to make up a NYC walking field trip for one of our daughters. Best of luck in reopening/relocating. We’ll try to be there!

July 07 2017

Mold. Sorry, I didn’t read carefully enough.

July 07 2017

Sorry you have to deal with this. Enjoyed meeting you last year at your shop and look forward to having it up and running (no matter where) soon. Keep doing what you do best!

Victor Silva
July 07 2017

Continue to fight and you will come Out stronger. God bless.

July 06 2017

I placed an order! Mint pencils! And magic pencils, wow. I do have a problem of buying notebooks and not using them. Hopefully that won’t happen with the pencils. The fountain pens will get mad, but since one leaked on my clothes yesterday, the pens should worry. Pencils don’t leak.

Thank you for the choices.

July 05 2017

Hi, I found this because of the Well Appointed Desk Link Love email.

Mold is not your fault. You did not fail.

If you can fulfill online orders, I’ll try and order even though it’s fountain pens I prefer. But if you have anything in Mint green, I’m game.

You are strong, you already know that because you opened your own business. You are strong and smart. I wish you the best.

July 05 2017

Have you considered a pop up shop somewhere?

Can you say what the building issue is, or even perhaps “our lawyer suggested we not comment on the specifics”? I’ve worked in both modern and Victorian era buildings, and imagine this has to be extremely serious to close you down for so long.

July 05 2017

What can we do to help? Will you be reduced to selling pencils on the street? This is not right!

Gabrielle H.
July 01 2017

I am so sorry to hear about your charming little shop closing (temporarily?). I came there once and purchased a couple of notebooks and some fabulous pencils. it gave me great comfort knowing that a sweet mom shop like yours existed in this great big city of ours. YOU WILL BE BACK! AND STRONGER THAN EVER! – Best

Tracy Bachman
July 01 2017

I still have no words. Can’t find words. I’m sad. You guys are amazing. I love you all and your pencil shop. Truly very sorry. Just want to cry.

nicole shea
July 01 2017

Adjusting, experimenting, changing, learning and growing are not failing. Each iteration teaches you new things and you get better and better.
Yer gonna be fine.

Rick Crady
June 30 2017

Hi, Caroline!
I am sorry to hear of your disappointments. However, whether we like it or not, the “thread of disappointment” tends to be woven throughout the entire tapestry of our life’s experiences. At least, that is true for me. Nevertheless, I have also enjoyed many rich and rewarding experiences as well! I pray the same for you and the other “pencil ladies”! Blessings to you and your crew as you persevere into the future!

Deacon Patrick
June 30 2017

Och! Ouch. Pebbles and rocks on the trail. Stubbed toes, bruised shins, scrapped knees and bloody palms. So what? “As fast as I can, as slow as I must.” I have learned the gift of this — the permission to slow down when I must, speed up when I can — it makes life far simpler with a bludgeoned brain, and I suspect for everyone. Grin.

Thank you for the gift of helping me find the perfect field pencil (Black Wood) for me ogre hands and dim brain. I look forward to buying the next round from you when it’s time. By then you’ll be yet further down the trail or up the pass. Grin. May God startle you with joy!

June 30 2017

Very sorry you have to close your store. I hope this redirects you to better things. I enjoy this site so much. You are doing a wonderful job; you’re not failing, just setback-hurdling, for the moment. Best of luck.

Mary Schoolcraft Saunders
June 30 2017

Be encouraged…hold on. I am looking forward to hearing of the next step. I’m sending comforting vibes your way. I am thankful that you have a strong online shop. Like you said, you have time to work on projects you didn’t have before. I see a GRAND opening or Reopening in your future. So many love you, your staff and all CWPE represents. Keep us posted.

M Hime
June 29 2017

Wow. Are you OK? Just saw a piece on Domus about you. I am so impressed. I am in Austin and thought how I would visit when I come to NYC. Can you persevere? Would love to be in touch as you go forward. Cheers to your fortitude. M.

June 29 2017

I hope you’ill see that what happens to us happens for reasons we might not see at this moment in time. God wants us all to be happy and successful. I cannot imagine any father/mother who wouldn’t. If you have mold I’ll never be able to shop in your store. A healthy store is a good store. For you and for your customers. Sometimes better arrives on the heels of worst. I like your feeling hopeful.

Exhale, relax, and hold on to your vision. And never give up hope. I do like some pencils!

Be well.

Ana Martinez Rodriguez
June 29 2017

I feel for you…I really do. It’s a hard blow, but my dear you are so far away from being a failure that you can’t see it with the Hubble telescope. When jumping over a hurdle we always need to step back a bit and gather some momentum before leaping beyond what stands in our way. Perhaps this a little push towards something completely amazing. If you ever wish to open a franchise in Grand Rapids, MI…just say the word! :) I dream of being a pencil lady…errrdamn day! Take heart, be well and as one of my dearest always proclaims: “Raise Hell and Prosper!” Love and Strength…Ana

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