Confessions of a Pencil Lady: I failed, and it's okay

Written By Caroline Weaver - October 01 2018


Bettie T.
October 12 2018

I don’t know where to write this, so I guess this spot is as good as any. Is anyone else here a member of the Lead Pencil Club? I joined up about 15 years ago, a couple of years before we got a computer and internet. The org. describes itself as “A Pothole on the Information Superhighway”. I am really ashamed that I have anything to do with the w.w.w., but the internet is how I found good quality pencils & sharpeners, isn’t it. We only have a computer because my son wanted one and he builds and rebuilds them. I’d just as soon not.

A penpal who I’ve been writing to prior to internet announced to me a couple of years ago that if I expected to receive any more letters from her, I would have to consent to do our correspondence by email. I ignored her and send her a letter once a year at Christmas. When you write on paper, esp. with a pencil, you express yourself differently, etc., but I guess you know all that.

Steve Gunter
October 07 2018

Nothing pleases me so much as the gospel of the Pencil. Count me among the happy disciples. I anticipate greater pencil pleasure in 2019 THE YEAR OF THE PENCIL.

October 02 2018

As someone who plans product, I know how long it takes to produce something new. And the likelihood that something won’t turn out the way you want the first time. As a subscriber, I don’t really care if the boxes come out exactly 3 months apart. I have plenty of pencils to last me a lifetime. Since we are billed per box, its all good.

October 01 2018

As a pencil box subscriber, honestly…I get so excited to see your box I don’t care that it’s early, late or anything in between! Let me tell you why! I share the contents of the box with my twin 15yo boys…it’s something we open together when it arrives and it gives me a sweet connecting point with them! (Which is hard with teenagers sometimes…trust me on this!) We each like different things…and there is always something in there that makes each of us smile…a new little goodie to enjoy! I know it may sound silly…but it’s been such an awesome thing for me! Some day I want to come visit your shop in person…but I’ll save my pennies before I do because I know I’ll be stocking up! Thanks for a wonderful subscription box…no matter when it arrives! With love and deep gratitude!!! Donna S.

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