Confessions of a Pencil Lady: I'm Leaving My Empty Shop To Go On Vacation

Written By Caroline Weaver - July 27 2017


August 02 2017

Team CW will have your back while you’re gone. I can send them the “boss is away” sangria recipe too. Very handy. But I might wait until they pack up my next order… enjoy your trip!

August 01 2017

Hi Caroline,
Enjoy your vacation, it will recharge your batteries! Plus, my staff really appreciate me being gone sometimes so they can relax and goof off more, it is a break for them, too!
Congrats on the new space!

July 31 2017

“Does it look bad that I’m leaving town while all of this is going down? Probably. But I have to live my life!”

That’s what Congress said after they refused to fix my health insurance. The health insurance they broke in the first place!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! On vacation that is… Sigh, what happened to America?

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