Confessions of a Pencil Lady: Letter Writing Failures and Thoughts about Fake Hoildays

Written By Caroline Weaver - April 30 2017


Mary Schoolcraft Saunders
April 30 2017

As with so much in life, FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

April 30 2017

Well good for you. I’ve succeeded in the letter-a-day challenge in the past because I had to answer 64 letters, and it was a cinch, but doing it because others do it every April is akin to jumping off a bridge in winter because everyone else does it. There’s no fun in that. There’s no fun in writing letters just because either. I’m just not good at it. I believe we should write only when we have something to write about, or when we reply to letters we’ve received. Writing by rote is tedious, a chore, and insults the art of letter writing, not to mention the recipient.

Have you ever had someone write just to say they have nothing to write about? I’ve explained a short letter with “Not much has gone in in Limnersville these past weeks, but . . .” Sincere letters cannot be forced. I’d rather have a good letter than an obligatory letter any day. So, hooray for you! You’ve seen the light.

This is a must read.

Thank you.

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