Confessions of a Pencil Lady: the struggle of the hunt

Written By Caroline Weaver - February 27 2018


March 01 2018

I look forward to seeing how the business evolves this year. I do have a suggestion for an item I’d like to see you carry- book darts. I use them in conjunction with my highlighter pencils when reading.

March 01 2018

<3 <3 It’s wonderful to hear that you’re giving the shop itself space to grow through it’s own evolution and that you’re not beating yourself up about it. Your shop and the collection will continued to be loved because the essence is that you are consciously cultivating everything as a whole, as an end in itself. <3 <3 so much love for your vulnerability and thanks as always for sharing your process with us!

March 01 2018

Come what may.
Be here to stay.

February 28 2018

It is customary for a store to carry more of what the customers want than things that the proprietor personally likes. Your store will be a blend of both, of course, but listening to the customers is the best way to stay in business. Feels like a compromise at times, I’m sure, but still, a store has to to do what it has to do to stay open!

February 28 2018

I love what you do, and I have complete trust in your judgement. I’m a quarterly subscriber and have loved the “wild card” items because they introduce me to things I might never buy but love to use (last box’s Happy Life stickers are a particular favorite— could temporary tattoos be next?!). I appreciate your hard work and your commitment to both the brand and to the brick-and-mortar shop.

February 28 2018

I am sure with your discerning eye, the new additions will be something many of us will want to buy. Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us in 2018!

February 28 2018

I’m excited to see what you’ll be adding to your shop. As someone who as been shopping with you pretty much since your first days, I look forward to having new and different ways to shout “take my money1”

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