Confessions of a Pencil Lady: the Trouble With International Sourcing

Written By Caroline Weaver - April 30 2018


Steve Gunter
May 14 2018

Some Indian reservations once made pencils.

May 03 2018

Maybe you can put a list of those pencils that you haven’t gotten a reply from and people who follow your store can try to talk to them in person if they visit that place!

Steve Gunter
May 01 2018

Pencils vintage from Russian revolution

Paul Zablocki
April 30 2018

Love your ambition and global enthusiasm. Yes, a TV show about stationery would be killer! Start with Viking or Caran D’Ache. (I’ll hold the camera!)

ellen joy
April 30 2018

Deep cuts. Deep cores. Keep at it. Be brave!

Guillermo de la Maza
April 30 2018

Have you tried reaching them by way of locals? I’m sure you have many customers from outside the US or that are part of our pencil comminity. Just a thought.

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