A Few Words About Golf Pencils

Written By Caroline Weaver - July 10 2016


Virginia Rego
January 03 2020

Like Max, I too found your article while googling the name for mini golf pencil as was trying to find out if there was a special name for the useless mini pencil we clipped to our belts in the 70s when I was a Brownie.
I work in a weight room and actually sharpened a whole box of these pencils as couldn’t imagine throwing them out after a couple of uses. They are a pain to sharpen and likely are carted out in people’s pockets more often than returned to the box anyway.
Best use for these pencils are on the mini golf course with the castles and fake rocks and toadstools!

May 12 2019

I just searched up golf pencil because I was bored and found this, thank you for making my day.

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