Black Lives Matter: Resources and Response

Written By Caroline Weaver - June 22 2020


John Welch
July 01 2020

Caroline and company, take a look at Student Nonvioolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) at They were the spear-head of the Civil Rights Movement, organized in 1960 to spread the lunch counter sit-ins. This “Digital Gateway” has the story, the people, the ideas, the organizing methods, and “what applies today”. Learn about Ella Baker, who taught SNCC how to organize. The site has photos and literature from SNCC’s days and works, accounts of what they did and where, what it was like inside the Movement.

Following on, read Clayborne Carson’s “In Struggle: SNCC and the Black Awakening of the 1960s”, Harvard UP, 1995. Carson organizes the history of SNCC.

Bill Jackson
June 22 2020

Caroline, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to contribute to the Go-Fund-Me for Colossal Cupcakes damage repair in your business name. Realizing you are an international business, I have no doubt you have customers from Cleveland and they would be glad to see a caring gesture like this coming from New York City. After I read the follow-up articles today I chipped in a little more. I can’t imagine the fear that was going through the employees’ minds and hearts as they locked themselves in a bathroom as the business was not only being looted but, destroyed. God forbid that it could have happened to you. I attached the articles below if you would like to read them.

We all have different says to cope with these last few months and weeks. My way has been to chip into help repair businesses all over the country damaged and destroyed by violent actions by anyone. My way has been to try to show some people that hate is such a wasted emotion and try to show another side, a side they may have never seen or forgotten. That usually gets me cussed at, threatened and blocked (which always proves me right). But, I keep trying.

Anyway, thanks for your efforts to make the world a better place.

Fondly back atcha,

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