No Pencil Left Behind

Written By Caitlin Elgin - August 12 2016


Monica Gandara
August 14 2017

Thank you so much for this blog post! I gleaned a great deal and ordered a variety of pencils from your site. Earlier this morning, my son (13yrs old) was bemoaning the struggles he deals with as a lefty. More important to him than finding a good pen was to find a decent pencil that didn’t smudge. I had no idea pencils smudged. I am grateful that I easily found this site, I ordered 2 of everything recommended so that BOTH of us can try them. I am taking college math classes. I have been frustrated with the pencils I have been using thus far. I think I might be more excited to get these new pencils than my son is.

Amy Bergman
July 01 2017

So in heaven right now with this page on No Pencil Left Behind! Thank you for this information. The first thing out of my mother’s mouth from the other room every day after grammar school as soon as I walked though the back door: “Go wash that No. 2 off your left hand.” It is a cherished memory of mine. Maybe that is why I have a love of and fascination with pencils all of these years. Found your site through the Real Simple FB article link after I was in NYC in March. I was so bummed that I saw it after our trip. Glad they just reposted it today on FB. Now I can follow on FB and I have found your website. Looking forward to when you get a location again by the time I get back to NYC one day. In the meantime – instead of working at home today I will now be absorbing every inch of this website. Thank you again and “write on”!!!!

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