Orchard Street Reading Society: March/April Selection

Written By Caroline Weaver - March 06 2019


August 18 2019

Is the OSRS still ongoing as of now? (August 2019?) Where can I read details about current selections/meeting info, please?

Léonie Guyer
July 17 2019

“To the Lighthouse”, one of the greats,
and her essays illuminate…

Dean Hubbard
June 08 2019

I haven’t checked-in with you ladies in a long time and what a coincidence. Don’t feel badly about not finding Woolf sooner. I minored in English but only read “Kew Gardens” last night. It was an excercise in minutiae observation and a bit tedious, but a unique reading experience.

Eileen Parks
April 03 2019

I also recently stumbled into Mrs. Dalloway this year, despite being a life long reader of English writers. From the first page I was immediately in “where has she been all my life” mode.

It’s vivid, modern and so elegant. I could reread the first five pages repeatedly and still not understand how she managed to get such authentic stream of consciousness thoughts on paper. I guess that’s the job of the genius.

If I lived in NYC I would attend this book club meeting with pleasure. However I’m three hours north in Vermont and will just have to enjoy the blog.

I think your edition is beautiful. I also like this one from Penguin:


March 22 2019

Just read Mrs. Dalloway for my book group and really liked it. It’s amazing to me that a book written some 100 years ago is still so on point and razor-sharp on so many topics. And her writing is just so skilled—the language is beautiful. Enjoy!

John B
March 18 2019

May I suggest a soundtrack, or just enjoyable listening… Max Richter’s Three Worlds: Music From Woolf Works.

From the artist’s website “Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works is drawn from the music composed for Wayne McGregor’s award-winning Royal Ballet production Woolf Works – inspired by the works of Virginia Woolf. The ballet was performed to sold-out crowds over two seasons from 2015-2017. Similar to the ballet, this album has a three-part structure, built around themes from three of Woolf’s novels: Mrs Dalloway, Orlando and The Waves. “

If the music weren’t enough, you can hear Virginia Woolf’s voice!

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