Paperworld Diary: 2018

Written By Caroline Weaver - January 31 2018


Johnny Gamber
February 04 2018

Omg, hope the lavender pencils are coming to the shop!

February 02 2018

Love the Viarco pencil jackets.

Joe McBee
February 01 2018

Besides being an interesting read for us pencil and office supply geeks, this is a fantastic example of how to best prepare for and execute a visit to a trade show in order to maximize your time. Thanks for that.

January 31 2018

Much kudos for the game plan and endurance, Caroline!! It feels like it could be easily distracting and equally overwhelming there at the same time — who knew these trade shows were like a city onto itself? Thanks for the insider glimpse and super stoked to see what you’ll be bringing to your shop! I can already see one day a pencileer writing about the history of Graphicolor’s starting days as The Editor, hailing from beloved pencil shop, CWPE Est. 2014 <3

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