Pencil Prompt: #2 Infinity and Beyond

Written By Caitlin Elgin - September 29 2017


October 20 2017

Totally agree that #4’s are great for outlining a sketch! I am currently using a Dixon Ticonderoga #4 for initial sketches for Inktober. Totally love that I finally has a use for this thing. And the point lasts forever! I wonder how many sketches it would take to grind through just one #4 pencil. Cheaper than art pencils too which is great.

October 17 2017

Really could have used this article before playing the UK version of Trivial Pursuit. Missed a pie question about rating pencil hardness!

Ted Figlock W1HGY
October 08 2017

CW means continuous wave modulation to radio amateurs, “HAMS”. There are over 750,ooo hams licensed by the FCC in the USA. You might do a feature on hams writing in their log (record of radio contacts). The ham journal QST, published by the Amateur Radio Relay League, has a monthly feature about new products. CW may be more familiar as Morse Code communication . Good luck!

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