Pencil Prompt: Everyday Carry

Written By Caitlin Elgin - May 31 2017


June 03 2017

This is an interesting post and question.

At work, im often going from one building to another or one office to another. I’m always concerned about pencil breakage. I also don’t really have the time (or, frankly, the dedication) to fuss with a carry bag. Consequently, I usually end up bringing a mechanical pencil and a pen with my notebook. I would be interested to hear what solutions others have for this problem.

Chris Mead
June 01 2017

I always carry a small travel watercolor kit and 140 lb small postcard size block along with an Lamy fountain pen, drawing pencils and bullet sharpener. Oh, and a mechanical pencil, cool ballpoint and fast sketcher.

Lots of analog stuff in my computer bag.

Before I visited the pencil store 10 days ago I used ziplock bags. Now I’m using one of the soft black leather cases for pencils all capped with chrome caps. Nice improvement!

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