Pencil Prompt: My Precious

Written By Caitlin Elgin - October 31 2017


November 03 2017

I try stay away from this idea because I want to believe I will use all my pencils before I die, but I keep pushing certain ones aside. They’re not rare and some I haven’t ever tried. They aren’t costly and some are cheap. But I look at them and say, “later.” I would elaborate on why and what makes me do this, but I don’t want to know. It’s nice to have things be precious to you without completely knowing why.

Michael Hines
November 02 2017

You hit it square on the head with a reference to the “souvenirs from loved ones.” While I’m a dyed in the wool wooden/graphite fan, my favorite pencil is mechanical. It is a silver Norma multicolor model (4 separate lead holders inside) given to me by my first love in the 6th grade (that would be 1948). I still use it when balancing my checkbook; turns out, she does too, though neither of us was aware of that. I thought you might enjoy this pertinent link: especially for its historical info similar to Caroline’s new book.
May the pencil pleasures thrive and C.W. Pencil Enterprise as well.

November 02 2017

I would say my most precious is the Retro51 Tornado “Legal” mechanical pencil. It’s solid, cool looking, and my most expensive pencil.

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