Pencils in Literature: A Moveable Feast

Written By Alyx Cullen - September 06 2017


October 01 2017

Lovely post, thank you. I really like reading his letters, new collections came out recently and they are fantastic. I love writing with pencils in notebooks! Now if I could get a marble-topped table or get to sit in a cafe I would be all set!

September 12 2017

And from The Paris Review today, a quotation from Hemingway’s Art of Fiction No. 21 interview:
“Wearing down seven number-two pencils is a good day’s work.”

September 06 2017

This is my most favorite post to date. I do like a pencil. I like pencils in all stages of usage. Pencil sharpeners are just as important as a pencil so I have a serious but small collection of those too. One is no good without the other. They’re like a hand and glove, a sock and a foot, a hat and a head. :)

The Old Man and the Sea might be my favorite Hemmingway. That’s life!

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