School Pencils: We can all do better.

Written By Caroline Weaver - August 01 2019


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August 14 2019

The Dixon Ticonderoga is a poor quality product and not at all the pencil it once was. I purchased a dozen of them about 10 years ago and once sharpened, the entire point would break off leaving only wood and a need to re-sharpen. At first I thought this was a problem with only one of the pencils in the box. I went through probably 4 or 5 pencils each time experiencing the same problem. I threw the remaining pencils away. I found, pencil blogs and CW. I’ve never had a bad pencil since.

August 10 2019

I use a pencil every day on my job. I also use pencils at home. I live in NYC so will visit the store. Being a fan of the band BTS, I actually thought that this was whom she was referring to in the last paragraph until I realized it meant-back to school. Shows you where my head is at. lol

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