Take a Peek into 15 Orchard Street!

Written By Caitlin Elgin - October 31 2017


Sam Inks
November 15 2017

Just checking back after a few little computer problems and glad to see the new place is open and ready for the season. Glad for you and all the old and new employees.


John Gilman
November 07 2017

The store looks great! Hope to visit one day! Best of luck!

Joyce Miner
November 02 2017

So glad you have your store open. Would love to see it, but it’s a long way from sunny Florida. Will just have to continue to shop online. Am so enjoying all the pencils I have ordered from your store. It is like Christmas when they arrive.

November 01 2017

Yea! You have a new store. I knew you could do it. It looks bright and inviting.

And the address… I live on Orchard Dr somewhere in “flyover” land.

Hiram V. Mitchell
November 01 2017

Yea, do you have a pencil pack. I use pencils most. Sudoku, notes, writing stories. A selection of pencils you recommend?

Debra B.
October 31 2017

Congratulations on your re-opening.

Larry Myers-McElwee
October 31 2017

Frankly, I’m just relieved to see you are open for biz!
I fretted about your dream place being a painful process of opening, somehow. It clearly looks not to be the case. It’s lovely…and although I’m sure I’ll never see it in person, you have no bigger fan – and believer in what you all are doing!
Larry M-Mc

Colonel Bobby Moorhatch USAF(ret.)
October 31 2017

I learned about your store from the movie “the Pencil”—-very enjoyable indeed. Now that I am retired and without secretaries—I now need to plunge into the world of high quality pencils. Do you have a starter pack wherein I may try different pencils? My wife does crossword puzzles. Wish you the best success in the store. From the heart of Silicone Valley(San Jose,CA) Respectfully Yours, Colonel Bobby

Elisabethe Phipps
October 31 2017

How utterly delightful! I hope one day to visit the shop, but will settle for mail order. For now.

Charles Stockwell
October 31 2017

Neat store ! — I wish I could see — OR be more aware that you have a real good selection of “large” pencil sharpeners. Of all qualities and prices. More of the Caran D’Ache size . . . Top of the line sharpeners !

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