The Geography of Pencil History: Czech Republic

Written By Caroline Weaver - May 15 2018


July 20 2020

I wasnt really know the name refer to diamond until doing researching on a glazing product get me to a project name after it. So i was curious you might have a story of it and here it is. Thanks for the informative yet interesting story !

Dieter Bruls
May 31 2018

To Jacob Weisskopf Kohout: Hardtmuth had a plant in Česke Budejovice (Budweiss). They chose for this town because of the then just established railroad to Vienna, which was mainly used to get the Budweiser beer to the Austrian Hungarian capital. Before that there was already a railroad from Vienna to Breclav.
For those days it would be an enormous journey to travel from Breclav to Ceske Budejovice on a daily basis.

Pencil Mania
May 31 2018

Some of my favorite pencils are the vintage Koh-I-Noor L&C Hardtmuth from the turn of the century. An excellent example of just how good pencil-making can be. Even 100 years later, my supply of these pencils are smooth, polished, and with perfect foil imprinting, straight barrels without warp, and sharpen up to a fine point. Very Smooth Writer in any representative grade when paired next to most contemporary counterparts.

I have a small stash of HB’s imprinted with the name of the company’s president at the time: Irving P. Favor.

I keep my eye open for any vintage Koh-I-Noor that are up for sale, from time to time.

May 30 2018

I’m curious, what is the difference between the Koh I Noor Hardtmuth that you carry and their Toison D’Or that I’ve seen in art supply stores?

Jacob Weisskopf Kohout
May 23 2018

My father used to work in this factory before the second world war. As I am visiting the Czech Rep. very soon, I would like to know where this factory was then. My father was living in Breclav and I would like to visit this factory if it is possible. Thanks for your reply!

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