The Orchard Street Reading Society: Welcome to the Club

Written By Alyx Cullen - February 28 2018


March 13 2018

I truly love this idea & always love ideas that allow me to visit the shop!!! I’ll be getting my copy of the book ASAP!

Casey Decker
March 10 2018

Great idea Caroline! I just put a hold on the book at my local Seattle library. I only wish I could be there in person.


Jeri Brunke
March 08 2018

My copy arrived yesterday. I will be joining you from S.C.

Bhagirath Iyer
March 08 2018

This is a great idea and a great book to start with!

March 04 2018

I love it! This book just came across my path a couple months ago, but I hadn’t picked it up. I’ll be reading along with you in California.

March 03 2018

This is such a lovely book and packs so much about human nature into a short read. I’ve not been lucky enough to visit your shop yet, but Marks & Co. is the vibe I get from the website and attention to detail in my orders. Great pick!

Cathy Summers
March 01 2018

I love this book and the idea of it makes me want to write an actual letter to your store, in pencil of course!

Shannon Ratliff
March 01 2018

I’ll be reading along with y’all from Denton TX!!!

Joel Standard
February 28 2018

I saw this movie a year ago I sent it along to you folks thought It amazing
Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins

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