Things That Happened - April 2017

Written By Caroline Weaver - April 28 2017


Mary Schoolcraft Saunders
May 01 2017

Has resident artist Meredith done a sketch of CWPE storefront? I haven’t seen one yet, These would make FABULOUS postcards! Please let me know if and when these are available. I have visited Meredith’s posts and see she has done other buildings…would be right up her alley. I am so happy you are here! Your posts, products and personalities provide such DELIGHT!!!

April 28 2017

Love your website and plan to come and visit soon. I was just wondering whether you had ever dug deeper into the Graphite story that precedes the Pencil story? I come from Sri Lanka which was pretty famous for its graphite and remember visiting the steaming mouth of the graphite mine as a child – hence this query!

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