What's the Best Eraser? CWPE Investigates

Written By Julianne Hing - April 03 2020


April 10 2020

The Pentel Ain is my current favorite.

April 07 2020

Lots of endorsements for the Sumo! We love that one too.

April 05 2020

I expected the Tombow to be the winner, simply because Japanese eraser technology is so good. (Witness the previous comments about the Sakura Sumo, which I also endorse.) But I was surprised at the lesser, but still good performance of the Caran d’Ache (which admittedly I have never used), and the Retrico? What and where? I’ll put that on my to-buy list. In the mean time, maybe Caroline can plan her next trip to Japan — if any of us ever get to travel again! — to include erasers. The offering is huge. No even bigger than whatever you’re thinking! Ginormous!!!

April 03 2020

I agree with Jason 👆 the Sakura Sumo is my current fav!

April 03 2020

I’ve tried many erasers over the years including most of the ones you mentioned. However, the Sumo Eraser is the clear winner for me.


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