Woodworking Sampler Set

CW Pencil Enterprise

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  • Woodworking Sampler Set - CW Pencil Enterprise
  • Woodworking Sampler Set - CW Pencil Enterprise

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For those who need pencils that work on wood in addition to paper, here's a selection of instruments for just that. We worked with Margaret Pardue and Vermont Instruments to create this sampler.

 Viarco Oval Carpenter Pencil: An oval twist on the classic carpenter pencil, this beauty won’t roll off your work surface, and can be knife sharpened to a point or a chisel. Made in Portugal.

General's Flat Sketching Pencil 2B: Because this pencil is a bit softer than the average carpenter pencil, it works great on a variety of surfaces and grains. Made in the USA.

Caran d'Ache Supracolor White: This white colored pencil is super creamy and pigmented, making it perfect for marking dark, oily woods. It keeps a point surprisingly well, too. Made in Switzerland.

Viarco 272 Copying Pencil: Copying pencils were introduced in the 19th century as “ink pencils” that couldn’t be erased. Because it’s indelible, this pencil’s marks will stay put even when the wood is wet. Made in Portugal.

Tajima 2H Carpenter Pencil: Designed by a construction company for precision, this extra-firm pencil has converted many users to the H side with its smooth line and beautiful gold dip. Made in Vietnam.

General's Cedar Pointe #1: A favorite in any context, the Cedar Pointe is especially great on softer woods. It also comes with a fantastic eraser if you need to make a correction. Made in the USA.