Twinpoint Red/Blue Pencil - .9mm


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  • Twinpoint Red/Blue Pencil - .9mm
  • Twinpoint Red/Blue Pencil - .9mm

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Autopoint was founded in 1918 in Chicago and is known for manufacturing twist-action mechanical pencils. 100 years later and these are still made in the US! The Twinpoint is one of Autopoint's most iconic models, is double-ended and holds a .9mm lead, which is retracted by twisting the tip of the pencil. This pencil ones with red on one side and blue on the other but an of course be refilled with any type of .9mm lead you'd like!

In case you're not used to a non-click pencil, there are instructions on the box!

Made in the USA

Lead size: .9mm

Body diameter: 8mm

Material: Plastic with a metal tip

Sold individually, contains red Autopoint .9mm lead on one side, blue on the other

You can find lead refills here

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