Hi-Uni Pencil - 2B


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  • Hi-Uni Pencil - 2B
  • Hi-Uni Pencil - 2B - CW Pencil Enterprise
  • Hi-Uni Pencil - 2B - CW Pencil Enterprise

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Introduced in 1966 and originally designed by Yoshia Akioka, the Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni is the crown jewel of the Mitsu-bishi pencil product line. The design details are impeccable and incredibly detailed with no part of the pencil overlooked.

These pencils tend to run a little bit soft but if you're using them for writing, don't worry--their point retention is better than you'd expect from a 2B. 

Made in Japan

Grade: 2B, runs a little bit soft 

Measures 7" long

Sold individually

Hexagonal barrel, normal diameter


We measure the characteristics of the pencils we sell against a General's Semi-Hex #2, which is the pencil we consider to be a good quality pencil of true HB/#2 hardness, similar to that of most American #2 pencils. The swatch in this product listing reflects that.

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