Deep Cuts Sampler Set

CW Pencil Enterprise

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  • Deep Cuts Sampler Set - CW Pencil Enterprise
  • Deep Cuts Sampler Set - CW Pencil Enterprise

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Sure, you can always pick up a classic like a 602, but these underrated pencils are definitely some of the sleeper hits of the store! This set makes a particularly superb gift for the pencil friend who has everything. 


Tombow Mono-R B Grade Pencil - Comparable to Tombow's Mono Professional line (which is the Americanized version of the Mono line), the Mono-R pencils are one of Tombow's excellent drafting pencils. The B is nicely balanced - darker than an HB, but not so dark that it loses point retention or leaves a smudgy mess on paper. Fact: The R stands for "regular." Made in Vietnam

Caran d'Ache Technograph HB Pencil - The Technograph was Caran d'Ache's first multi-grade drawing pencil, originally released in the 1920s! This classic HB has excellent point retention and lovely details (we especially love the fish embossed on the side). Made in Switzerland.

Mitsubishi General Writing 9000 Pencil - This pencil is one of our favorite all-purpose pencils not only because of its lovely, slightly dark HB graphite, but also because of its sleek bright green finish. A definite must for a pencil cup! Made in Japan.

Palomino Forest Choice HB Pencil - Regularly sold as a dozen, we consider these pencils to be a modern school classic. The ForestChoice was first introduced in 1999 as the word's first ever FSC-certified pencil! They're an excellent alternative to supermarket quality #2s. Made in Thailand.

Tajima 2H Carpenter Pencil - Made for a Japanese construction supply company, these pencils are designed for ultra-precision. The 2h graphite writes with a smooth, crisp line and the pencil itself is beautifully finished in gold and black. Made in Vietnam.

General's Scribe HB Pencil - The Scribe is often mistaken for a vintage pencil because of the beautifully retro script on the side. This pencil is an extremely crisp HB which doesn't need frequent sharpening, making it a writer's best friend. It gets extra points for being round, which is an increasingly scarce pencil trait. Made in the USA.


Each set includes one of each pencil, packaged in an envelope with an informational insert. 

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