Favorite Things Gift Set - $30

CW Pencil Enterprise

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  • Favorite Things Gift Set - $30
  • Favorite Things Gift Set - $30

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From our shop in New York City, to your home, we hope you’ll enjoy a few of our favorite things:

Craft Design Technology x Life Grid Notepad - A collaboration between two of Japan’s coolest stationery companies, this pad’s paper is super smooth, creamy and exactly the right weight. It's printed in a very faint mint green grid (on both sides!) with a slight border around the edges and is well perforated for easy tearing. It's just as good for letter writing as it is for writing down your grocery list.  

CWPE Camel Pencils - Originally designed by Eiichi Kato for Camel Pencil Company in 1985, this distinctive, minimalist, ferrule-less eraser has become something of an icon in the pencil world. They’ve become a universal favorite for their quality and dark, smooth graphite cores.

We had our own version made for us by Camel, featuring a glossy round barrel, matte printing, a soft white eraser and our own color palette. 

NJK Long Point Sharpener - The very best option if you’re looking for a company, single-single-blade, long-point sharpener. 

This set comes gift wrapped and includes and informational insert