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We did our due diligence when researching a bottled fountain pen ink to sell, and thankfully we have many pen expert friends to help us! These were the key qualifications we were looking for: 

1. No fussy, expensive bottles. We wanted to make sure our customers felt like they were paying for quality ink, not a fancy display bottle. 

2. A smaller, U.S.-based brand. It's important to us to support small brands when we can!

3. VERY important: a pen-friendly ink that won't clog your pen or doesn't require any special knowledge. Admittedly, we're not quite pen experts yet and we don't expect our customers to be experts either. Many fountain pen inks are gorgeous, but require a higher level of maintenance that most recreational pen users might not be cool with. 

With all of this in mind, we landed on Private Reserve, which has been recently revived by the pen experts at Yafa Brands. These inks are easy for pen users of all levels to use, and come in bottles that are easily recyclable and reusable. 

If you are new to using bottled ink, you'll need a converter that's compatible with your fountain pen. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need advice!


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