Masterpiece Long Point Sharpener

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When this sharpener first came out in 2017, it really shook up the pencil world! Behold: the LONGEST pencil point on the market. The Kum Masterpiece sharpener employs a two-step system. First, you use blade #1 to cut back the wood, and then blade #2 to refine the graphite point. There's a little bit of a learning curve, but if you need help, you'll find a QR code on the back of the case that will lead to detailed instructions. 

This sharpener comes with two Kum Standard replacement blades. When the blades for this sharpener become dull, be sure to clean the sharpener first, and use a small screwdriver to screw in new blades. 

A true specialty company, Kum was founded in 1919 in Germany as a pencil sharpener manufacturer. They’ve since become the most prominent pencil sharpener company in the world and now make many other products while simultaneously leading the way in sharpener innovation.

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