Neocolor II Wax Crayons

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THIS is a very special art supply. They're soft, waxy, pigmented crayons, that are very water-soluble and have little paper tabs so you can easily peel the paper away as you use them. These were a mainstay in my toolbox as an art student because of how fun they are to play with. Unofficial uses: to draw on windows (easy to wash off!), and as face paint when dipped in water (I repeat: this is NOT an official use, experiment with caution). 

One of the most iconic pencil brands still in operation, Caran d’Ache was founded in 1915 and has been family-run ever since (4th generation!). Their name is taken from 19th century political cartoonist Emmanuel Poiré, whose psuedonym was Caran d’Ache, a franco-fied version of "karandash," the Russian word for "pencil."

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